3. Developer guide

3.1. Running locally

  1. Create Python virtual environment and install reana-workflow-engine-cwl
$ git clone https://github.com/reanahub/reana-workflow-engine-cwl.git
$ virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/engine-cwl
$ source ~/.virtualenvs/engine-cwl/bin/activate
$ cd reana-workflow-engine-cwl
$ pip install .
  1. Install RabbitMQ
  2. Create RabbitMQ user, group and host and start RabbitMQ:
$ rabbitmqctl add_user reana reana
$ rabbitmqctl add_vhost reanahost
$ rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p reanahost reana “.*” “.*” “.*”
$ rabbitmq-server start -detached
  1. Get reana-job-controller URL with reana-cluster component.
$ source /path/to/reana-cluster-virtual-environment
$ reana-cluster get reana-job-controller
internal_ip: None
ports: ['31060']
external_ip_s: ['']
external_name: None

and set environmental variables (use your own values for SHARED_VOLUME_PATH and JOB_CONTROLLER_HOST).

$ export QUEUE_ENV=cwl-default-queue
$ export SHARED_VOLUME_PATH=/reana/default
$ export RABBIT_MQ=amqp://reana:reana@localhost:5672/reanahost
  1. Start reana-workflow-engine-cwl
$ python reana_workflow_engine_cwl/celeryapp.py worker -l debug -Q cwl-default-queue

3.2. Running CWL conformance tests

To run CWL conformance tests on a locally-installed REANA cluster:

  1. Install REANA cluster (version v0.2.0 or later) on Minikube. See REANA-Cluster’s Getting started guide for more information.
  2. Install REANA client (version v0.2.0 or later) locally. See REANA-Client’s Getting started guide for more information.
  3. Set your environment variables:
$ eval $(reana-cluster env)
  1. Download and run the CWL conformance tests:
$ git clone https://github.com/common-workflow-language/common-workflow-language
$ cd common-workflow-language
$ pip install cwltest
$ ./run_test.sh RUNNER=reana-cwl-runner